About Craig...


Hiking, paragliding and rock climbing have been Craig’s passions over the years.


Connecting with nature in a variety of ways has provided him with some of his richest experiences.


In more recent years, those passions have shifted to see Craig teaching, and practising Hot Yoga, along with other forms of body movement, meditation, and living with his family on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland.


For many years learning about his true nature and purpose, and how these can be expressed in the world, have been a primary focus of Craig’s. 


Having discovered, and implemented, many truths and natural laws Craig has observed his life transform into a continual flow of magical outcomes aligned with his heart’s desires instead of the previous 're-runs' of old cyclic patterns of general, reactive struggle and discontentment.


Co-facilitating the powerful ‘Unstuck & Unstoppable’ model with his partner Linda is about teaching others how they can return back to a state of wholeness and begin to live the essence of who they truly are to discover a level of happiness and fulfilment that many will not have experienced before. 

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